Ananas Fraise Peche 10ML Mexican Cartel

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Discover a fresh fruity recipe composed of pineapple, yellow peaches and strawberry pieces.

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Ananas Fraise Peche 10ML Mexican Cartel

Ananas Fraise Peche 10ML Mexican Cartel

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It is not enough to mix some fruits to get a mixture of the most perfumed. You need to select well. And, here, that’s not just anyone ! The joyous culinary barons perfectly master the art of combining the flavours.

It is why they extracted each part of the flavours of the pineapple, strawberry and peach, that they ingeniously mixed to make all the aromatic beauty come out. With a freshness note in end of puff, you have, in other hands, a fruity concentrate !

Recommended dosage: 10-15%

Capacity: 10ml

Country of origin: UK

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