Pearl 30ml Saint Flava

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If PEARL is a pearl, she is also and above all a formidable warrior, designated to be the protector of the Pear .

And to fight the forces of evil and face the worst, the pear is undoubtedly the best choice to make.

PEARL in fact mixes powerful aromas of pear and apple , enhanced by a hint of lemon .

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Pearl 30ml Saint Flava

Pearl 30ml Saint Flava

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Swoke pays homage to a fruit that’s as juicy as it is tasty through its Pearl concentrate, the pear. Saint Flava’s chefs have mixed it with a crunchy apple and enhanced the whole with a touch of tangy lemon.

Make your own homemade e-liquid and fill up on vitamins thanks to the 30ml Pearl concentrate, by following the steps detailed below.
Recommended dosage: 15%

Capacity: 30ml

Country of origin: Malaysia

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