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Green Kelly 30ML T-Juice

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A fresh Lemonade, mixed with Raspberry, Blackberries with notes of Citrus Fruits.…

Strawberry Bikini 30ml Dinner Lady

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The Aroma Strawberry Bikini aroma from Dinner Lady's Ice range offers the flavor of ripe strawberries, combined with an incredible lemonade with a touch of…

The Diabolo Oil 30ml Fruity Fuel

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Enthusiasts of drink e-liquid, here is a large glass of lemonade, served by the flavorists of Maison Fuel with a handful of ice cubes. With…

Limonade Kiwi Jaune Fruit du Dragon 30ml Chido

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Generous, the manufacturer hands us a refreshing lemonade made from yellow kiwis and dragon fruit . Subtle and fruity, Chido 's…

Pink Passion 10ml Tribal Force

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Discover an exotic passion fruit accompanied by Litchi to take you on a journey for a puff.…

Power 30ml Bubble Juice

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A delicious perfume of bubble gum, the same as your childhood with an energising drink that is not made for the young audience.…

Tequila sunrise 30ml Coq-Tails

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Cocktail based on orange juice and grenadine which at the bottom of the glass gives the effect of a sunrise. …

Mojito 30ml Coq-Tails

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It's the cocktail of summer, the fresh and sweet Mojito is here!…

Diabolo Grenadine 10ML Full Moon

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Settle down on your deck chair under the sun and taste a refreshing drink with a grenadine syrup base which will sparkle your tastebuds. …

Diabolo Pomme 10ML Full Moon

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Taste a sparkling lemonade which brings delicate freshness enhanced with green apple flavors, crunchy and slightly acidic. …

Diabolo Citron Pamp 10ML Full Moon

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Delught yourself with this succulment lemonade with a base of pink grapefruit completed with light acidic lemon on a bed of crushed ice. An ideal…

Pina Colada 30ml Coq-Tails

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Taking each fruity, sweet, spicy and fresh notes of the famous Caribbean drink, the Pina Colada concentrate is a tasty invitation to relaxation and laziness…