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Fruits Rouges Givrés 30ml Biggy Bear

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Discover the Frosted Red Fruits concentrate from the  Biggy Bear range , an explosion of sweet and tangy flavors that evoke the freshness of  red fruits  just out of…

Frost 30ml Saint Flava

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Juicy blueberries and blue raspberries , creating a balanced and exhilarating blend.…

Icy Paradise 30ML T-Juice

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An iced assortment of passion fruit and guava.…

Forest Affaire 30ML T-Juice

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10 flavors combined! The base ingredients include: vanilla, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackthorn and a pinch of chilli.…

Blue Menthol 30ml Dinner Lady

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Mixture of berries combined with an explosion of cold !…

Strawberry Bikini 30ml Dinner Lady

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The Aroma Strawberry Bikini aroma from Dinner Lady's Ice range offers the flavor of ripe strawberries, combined with an incredible lemonade with a touch of…

Pretty Panda 10ML A&L

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A delicious fresh and sparkling cocktail of well matured melon, plus a hint of red berries and a touch of mint leaves.…

Ragnarok Legend 30ML A&L

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This aroma concentrate plays on exotism with the addition of pineapple to the original Ragnarok recipe. Mixed all together forming great fruity flavours, icy and…

Watermelon Kiwi Strawberry Super Ice 30ml Kings Crest

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The Watermelon + Kiwi + Strawberry Super Ice aroma from Bali Fruits by Kings Crest will surprise you with its…

Minasawa 30ml Fighter Fuel

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In order to avenge his dojo, Minasawa participates in Japan's largest aroma tournament, don't let his apple/pear combo overwhelm you because…

The Bear 10ml Secret Garden

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wave of freshness straight from the ice floes awaits you with the new flavor The Bear ! An ultra…

Orange Douce Pomme Citron 30ml Chido

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To design this concentrate as colorful as the clothes used during the Day of the Dead, Chido used a Buddha's hand with acidity close to…