Vaping Guide for Travelers: Future Prospects and Current Recommendations

When traveling by air with vaping equipment, it’s crucial to be informed about the current rules and recommendations. Additionally, exploring the future prospects of vaping technologies might reveal opportunities for vaping inside airplane cabins while adhering to all safety and etiquette norms. Below, we provide essential travel tips for vaping equipment and discuss potential innovations.

Before the Trip: Essential Preparation

  • Check Permissible Standards: Familiarize yourself with the airline and the destination country’s rules on vaping equipment and liquid transportation.
  • Battery Storage: Batteries should be stored in carry-on luggage, placed inside protective cases to prevent accidental short circuits.
  • Liquid Transportation Restrictions: Keep liquids in transparent, resealable bags, with each container’s capacity not exceeding 100 ml.
  • Equipment Preparation: Disassemble the vaping device before the flight and pack its parts separately.

During the Flight: Behavior on the Plane

  • Vaping Prohibition: Any form of vaping inside the airplane cabin is strictly prohibited.

Upon Arrival at the Final Destination

  • Local Laws and Rules: Make sure to familiarize yourself with the laws regarding vaping in public places of your destination country.

General Rules in Popular Travel Destinations Among Lithuanians:

  • Spain 🇪🇸
    • Vaping in public places: Allowed, with potential restrictions in specific areas like public transport or educational institutions.
    • Spare equipment and liquid: Recommended to have spare liquids and parts, adhering to local transport rules.
  • Italy 🇮🇹
    • Vaping in public places: Allowed, but may be prohibited in certain locations such as restaurants or cafes.
    • Spare equipment and liquid: Important to carry spare liquids that comply with EU-set nicotine levels.
  • Greece 🇬🇷
    • Vaping in public places: Restrictions may apply; it’s advisable to check local laws.
    • Spare equipment and liquid: Having spare parts and liquid is recommended, especially for long stays.
  • Thailand 🇹🇭
    • Vaping in public places: Strict regulations; thorough research of laws is strongly advised before visiting.
    • Spare equipment and liquid: Finding vaping products can be challenging; ensure you have all necessary items before departure.
  • France 🇫🇷
    • Vaping in public places: Permitted in most areas, with exceptions like public transport.
    • Spare equipment and liquid: Carrying spare liquids and parts, in line with local safety standards, is recommended.


IMPORTANT: Always Have Spare Equipment and Liquids

Having spare liquids and parts can prevent potential inconveniences during your trip.

Future Innovations and Vaping

  • Innovative Technologies: Research into technologies allowing safe vaping in enclosed spaces, including planes, is ongoing. This includes devices with air filtration systems.
  • Passive Vaping Prevention: Future devices may efficiently filter and neutralize vapor to prevent passive vaping.
  • Regulatory Changes: The introduction of new technologies necessitates revising existing laws and regulations to ensure safety and comfort.

How to Prepare Now

Adhering to current rules, being responsible, and staying informed are key while we await these innovations. This includes maintaining your equipment, following liquid and battery storage guidelines, and respecting vaping bans in public spaces, including on aircraft.

Innovations in vaping culture are on the horizon, potentially revolutionizing travel with vaping equipment. At CigsLT, we eagerly anticipate embracing this future alongside you. Until then, we wish you safe and enjoyable travels.